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Wow those gifs are perfect

Of course, they’re all of perfect people ;D


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onew and his noona fan

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King of communication
Onew: But the best way is body language.

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I ship Key with sexy.
And for some reason they are always together.

Calling all SHINee blogs ♥


Ok so my dash has been so dead for a few weeks now and it’s making me sad ;n;. If you’re an active SHINee blog, pretty please could you reblog this so I can find you and most likely follow you. Thankies :)

So this just happened

I was driving home with my mom after buying groceries when she told me some news. She said that she was watching a drama and she said that she read that Jonghyun was dating someone that was acting within the drama. 

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haha praising jjong’s pretty skin 

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[FULL] SHINee - Downtown Baby

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jinki losing their “race” and taemin leaving him in the dust

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Boku  dakeno  downtown  baby  crusing  crusing 


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