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Anonymous whispered: I can understand the reason you like Taemin. I love him too. ^^ But why do you like Jonghyun? I don't understand... He's weird, and annoying, and talkative, and not-that-handsome, and not-that-good-at-singing, and not-that-funny, and not-that-cute-even-when-he-does-aegyo... Why? Why? :)



First of all, Jonghyun is probably the most ‘normal’ in SHINee tbh - I mean, Taemin’s a complete nutcase in comparison.


But anyway, Jonghyun is probably the most openly caring member in SHINee. He is extremely open-minded to the point that he stuck up for a transgender student on twitter (homosexuality is still considered a social taboo in S. Korea) among many other things such as sitting down outside to casually talk to fans with no cameras or bodyguards around (that’s pretty damn rare in K-pop as many idols are actually scared of their fans).

Next, there’s nothing wrong with being talkative… would you prefer for him to be quiet and antisocial and cold (a bit like Minho was when they first debuted)? No. Him being talkative shows how comfortable he is with his fans and members.

Oh and you’re completely excused if you don’t think he’s that handsome because I respect the fact that people have different standards of beauty but let me tell you one thing - his fans don’t love him because of his looks or his nonexistent ass. They just use him in order to get close to Roo and maybe get an autograph from her (I mean, let’s face it, that dog is more famous than all of us put together…) jk btw.

They love him because he’s cute as hell ok.



And he has the heart of gold.

But I can’t excuse you for saying he’s not a good singer because even if you don’t like his voice, you have to say that professionally he is a REALLY good singer. Anyone who does music would be able to see that. He has a good technique, he belts out high notes with his hands in the pockets, and he’s just ugh I don’t even know why I should explain that. To me, that’s more obvious than the fact our planet is round.

Just youtube him singing any ballad or maybe his songs from Immortal Song 2 and you’d know what I mean.

I won’t even bother with the last two because — really? Since when is someone’s ability at aegyo a measurement of their worth. Aegyo is only good for super feminine girls and flower boys like Taemin (forget Minho for now because he looks like a 12-year old so it doesn’t count lol).

And again, what you find ‘funny’ you depend on your sense of humour but to me, he is funny. Not as funny as Onew falling on his face or Taemin getting rejected by Door-oppa but funny nonetheless. He has this boyish charm to him that’s also rare in Kpop (Korean boys should take lessons from Amber or Eunji tbh).

That’s it! That’s why I like Jonghyun — he’s a complete idiot but he’s not an assholish idiot and did I mention to you how sensitive he is???







And there’s something really mesmerising about that. Probably because men in most cultures rarely cry.

I mean that bastard Taemin laughs when others cry XD

So that’s it! Bye now.


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[Photo] Ian Eastwood's Instagram Update 140718 - Taemin (1P)

Rehearsal w. the fam & Korean friends for my first time ever choreographing for a K-Pop artist and I’m very lucky that is for mr. Taemin of Shinee!’

Credit: ian_eastwood

presenting.. taemin jackson!

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i really want to see a male idol get married and his band members give him weird toasts like “hey do you remember the time we made out? I hope your spouse is a better kisser than me. Cheers!” 

SHINee Challenge: 1/3 MVS → Ring Ding Dong


someone: have u seen this vid of jonghyun-

me: seen it

someone: have you seen this pic of jonghyun-

me: seen it

someone: have you heard his recent song-

me: heard it

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